Help for Pastors

Many pastors work long hours caring for their congregations Do you find the administrative duties needed to operate a successful church encroaching on what you do best and need to do most—prepare for worship, shepherd your flock and seek spiritual guidance from God?

Are you confident that the church’s administrative work is being handled in a way that honors God? Perhaps you’ve delegated administrative duties to multiple individuals, only to find that quality and coordination are uneven. Maybe some important issues have even been overlooked entirely.

Is your church’s administrative staff overloaded with tasks that they are not trained to handle? Building maintenance and repairs for example are seldom something most assistants are comfortable handling with confidence. Or perhaps your church uses church management software but you’re concerned only a small portion of its capabilities are being utilized to help the church grow.

Do you wish that there was a better way to assemble and present an annual budget? One that instead of putting your congregation to sleep, energizes and motivates them to enthusiastically support the church’s mission.

Are you aware that nonprofit and tax laws change on a regular basis? Are your church’s bylaws up to date? Are you confident that your payroll is handled properly? Do you have all the required Human Resource forms in place? Are there ways to legally compensate church staff so that they receive more take-home pay?

Are you concerned about your church’s financial accuracy and transparency but aren’t sure what are considered best practices? Is all of a church’s income exempt from taxes or are there situations when a church must pay taxes? Can a business advertise in the church bulletin without jeopardizing the church’s standing as a tax exempt nonprofit? Can an outside group use your facility and pay the church for that use without jeopardizing your nonprofit status?

Do you run background checks on staff and volunteers who serve around children and youth? Are they sufficiently thorough and are they repeated every few years? A corporate attorney at a major insurer of churches reports that on average his company handles two misconduct/molestation claims per week.

Do these questions make you wish that you had a professional Church Administrator to work alongside you, like larger churches do for their pastors?

Church Administrative Professionals is a company made up of experienced Church Business Administrators who have a heart for serving churches like yours. We can bring our expertise and experience to your church at an affordable cost.

We are mature Christians who have the spiritual gift of administration and who feel that God has called us to service in this area. If you would like to know how Church Administrative Professionals can help you and your church be a beacon of integrity in your community, please contact us.

Thank you for your time. May the Lord bless your work and your church!

Deborah Miller, cca

Charles Kneyse

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