For Pastors

You yearn to make an impact for Christ in your community, but Church Administration duties necessary to running a successful church seem to keep getting in the way.

Your administrative assistant works hard and has a heart for serving the Lord, but there are some administrative or financial duties that seem to be beyond his or her capabilities.

Would having someone to call on who is experienced in Church Administration allow you to be a more effective pastor?

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For Elders and Board Members

Perhaps you recently joined your church’s board of elders or you are a long time member. But recently some reason has caused you to become concerned that business practices at your church could be improved.

Someone’s slick, high pressure promotional flyer warns that your nonprofit status could be jeopardized if you don’t sign up for their seminar.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead you could have regular access to someone experienced in Church Administration to answer your concerns?

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For Finance Committees

Do you serve on your church’s Finance Committee because someone twisted your arm so much that you couldn’t refuse? But now that you’ve signed on you wonder if your church is utilizing best practices.

Are those entrusted with handling the church’s money, both contributions and accounts payable, practicing good accountability and proper separation of duties?

If only you could talk with someone who has faced these same issues. What about someone who is plugged in to churches all over the country with answers?

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